Dynamics 1.6

In the dynamics section there was a rather poorly drawn example of how to go from a freebody diagram to a force diagram. At first I thought this was intentional (so students could see an actual sketch) but after further reasoning I decided this was not an appropriate time to use a terrible diagram.

Energy 1.1, 1.2

I made this invention sequence (plus the following one) two or three years ago with pen and paper, then scanned. Obviously this left a lot to be desired. So I decided to rework these. Both the weightlifting index and the car washing index is meant to help students invent the idea of a product quantity. Hopefully these designs are clearer.


Created, Energy 1.7

There was a word problem in the energy unit where a cart sliding down a ramp had work done on it by a string, thus further increasing its chalk smashing potential. I decided this was in need of a diagram.


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