Preview Exam/Assessment

by jrosmith

Q11: Answer = 4, not 3. I know its graph four because I intended to select graph four (it was the only bar chart that modeled the situation). Unfortunately I am quite possibly the silliest of all the gooses (geese?) and wrote down 3 because the formatting led me to believe number 3 represented answer number 4

Q13: Answer = 3, Not 0. As it turns out, “0” is not a valid response for questions number 1 – 5. 0 was the answer, however. Again it would appear that this error stemmed from silliness.

Q15: Answer = 3, Not 0. See reasoning above.

Q16: Answer = 4, Not 2. Or was it 4? I’ll double check with the answer sheet after this, as I’m currently typing this up while the 194 kids do their practicals. I forgot to take the total area under the curve. Rookie mistake. No silliness here, just pure amateur hour.

Q17: Answer = 4, Not 2. Same reasoning as above.


Attached is my redacted exam: Redacted_PUM

I figured instead of doing just one quiz I would get practice doing several daily assessments and then one open ended assessment question. I tried to give the students just enough information to make them think about all the different possible questions that could be derived from the little information they had.