Data acquisition

by jrosmith

Rather than using logger pro, I opted for using my smartphone’s accelerometer.  I attached it to a vertical spring/hanger system and taped my phone (at the center of mass) to the hanger. From there, it was just a matter of setting the acquisition time and data file. Attached is the data, here is the graph after editing

Z axis acceleration vs Time

Z axis acceleration vs Time


I did some tricky analysis to make the period appear longer, just so it was easier on the eyes. The data is surprisingly consistent. I have included the excel file so you can the data pre-prettification. Its interesting to see the whole spread of the data collection.




Here this would be incredibly useful for students investigating the period of the object. Had they drawn force/motion diagrams previously, using the smartphone (since at least one student will have one at each group) is a quick, easy, and cool way of testing their models.