Mail Merge 2

by jrosmith

For the second mail merge, I decided to contrive an electrostatics quiz. The challenge here was deciding what values would lead to realistic results for the students. I really went all out and have large variations in all of the different value fields, so I don’t think any two quizzes are exactly the same. For the question that asks students to solve for conditions of a new acceleration, I decided to just take the answer to the previous question and add two onto that magnitude. I will be able to quickly tell whether or not students got the correct answer that way.

On one of the quizzes the sum of forces is 0. I purposely left this in, as I do not think it is too much to ask students to use their critical reasoning abilities to realize that when the sum of forces is 0, acceleration is 0 and the mass of the object of interest is completely irrelevant.

This quiz is similar to to Electrostatics Quiz 3 CP, question two.

MailMerge2 – Quiz Setup

MailMerge2MERGED – Merged Quizzes

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